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The Artist's Way to Lockdown Creativity

Updated: Jul 24

I keep a list of all the books that are recommended to me along the way. I’m absolutely atrocious at actually doing anything about it. Until now.

As an Actor, desperate to dip my toe into different facets of the industry I might have more control over, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron had been recommended to me on and off for years. But for some reason the title kept putting me off. I wasn’t an artist. Tutors and colleagues called me one for years, but I’ve always thought the actor’s job was to take the actual artist’s words and say them in a way that the actual artist director would approve of.

I’m starting to realise now that might have been where I was going wrong…

I started this maybe 3 weeks into lockdown and before I knew it, I was balls deep in morning pages and I could feel the flow of the creative Goddess speaking her badassery through me: her willing vessel.

If you’d have said any of the above to me in January I’d have told you to get in the sea. But then lockdown happened — and things got weird. To be continued...

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